Best Buy

Best Buy

stuff you don't need As you may know, there are shopping portals through which you can earn extra frequent flyer miles on many major airlines. Obviously, you don't earn miles if you return an item. So, for example, if you go through the British Airways shopping portal and make an order from Walmart and then later return one of the items, they will cancel the original miles allocated and issue miles based on the items you kept.

Sadly, Best Buy have worked out a way to rip off customers and deprive them of miles they are owed. If you buy a fridge at Best Buy and want it installed, they indicate that you should buy a water line kit in case it's needed. It's likely the installers can just use the existing hose from your old fridge, but ordering the extra kit just in case seems like the right thing to do, right? You wouldn't want them turning up and not being able to finish the job. Best Buy claim you can return unused items that are still in their original packaging. It's likely the installers will come and, of course, just use the existing water line. You return the unnecessary water line kit. So easy.

... And then Best Buy refuses to credit any of the miles owed because you returned the useless $30 accessory that their own site told you unnecessarily to order!

This happens if you order from them via the AAdvantage Shopping portal, but presumably it's true for any other shopping portal run by Carterra too.

If you use a shopping portal and don't want to risk being ripped off, there seem to be only two options:

  • Don't ever use Best Buy or
  • Make separate orders for every single item from Best Buy